RTO4 follows a purpose built model based on a process of ‘goal-strategy-measurement’ to create, implement and assess the tools and tactics that are the most appropriate for growing the tourism economy in this region.

The team operates on five guiding principles:

  • Hygiene First – a critical focus on working with stakeholders to identify and fix those things that impede tourism growth
  • Destination Network – a holistic view of destinations that engages multiple stakeholders in shaping a community’s collective tourism future
  • Shared Story Brand – redefining brand in the modern media world as the sum total of shared stories and experiences about a given destination
  • A relentless focus on the visitor experience
  • Enabling Engagement – working with stakeholders to strengthen their ability to engage consumers
RTO4 Tourism Incubator Guiding Principles

Region04Ontario Tourism Region 4 encompasses Huron County, Perth County, Waterloo Region and Wellington County (for a map, please click here).

RTO 4 was incorporated in October 2010 pursuant to the Ontario Ministry of Tourism’s request to create “an organization that will coordinate the diverse interests of the tourism industry to build and support a competitive tourism region through marketing and destination management.

Visit the Ministry of Tourism web site for more information about Ontario’s Tourism Regions.

For a list of regional activities and attractions, visit OntarioTravel.net.

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