The purpose of this RFP is to invite qualified firms to submit proposals to perform an economic impact of tourism study for the County of Huron. The intent of the research is to enable:

  • Demonstration of the contribution tourism currently makes to the economy of the county to justify continued or renewed support of destination management organizations (DMOs), tourism research, etc.)
  • Monitoring the performance of the tourism industry, and identification of trends
  • Provision of tools to various levels of local government, the RTO, and DMOs to set priorities/inform strategic and infrastructure planning

RTO4 is interested in working with the selected firm in establishing the 5 – 6 key performance indicators in measuring and benchmarking the economic impact of tourism for the region, conducting the primary research to collect that information, and then receiving a findings report/summary infographic.

RTO4 is heavily invested in innovative thinking, and out-of-the-box approaches and would be open to investigating ground-breaking economic impact models.

For more information, please review the RFP document. Proposals are due June 3rd, 2022.