Quick update: U of G Research in place, sales top $670k to date

A quick status update for stakeholders: in May and June the RTO held its annual Stakeholder Meetings across the region. Over a hundred and fifty partners attended as did all our DMO partners, peers from the regions of Waterloo, Wellington, Perth and Huron and key staff from the MTC&S. Thanks to you all for making these events a success!

On another note, a key piece of the performance measurement model for the RTO is now up and running. The ongoing post-visit consumer research study that was developed with the University of Guelph’s School of Hospitality and Tourism Management was implemented in April and is returning well over 100 detailed responses a month. This is going to play a key role in both the measurement of the regional economic impact of tourism as well as providing key insight into buying behaviour and marketing efficacy. Many thanks to Professors Marion Joppe and Statia Elliot for spearheading this innovative initiative.

Sales on the Regional Reservation System since Sept. are now at $670,000; definitely ahead of projections. Congratulations to all of our stakeholders, operators DMO’s and partners for driving this success.

As was noted in the stakeholder meetings, this is a region, essentially the Canada Company tract of 1827 (aka the Huron Tract), that was eked out of wilds of Ontario beginning in  earnest in the early 1800’s. It represents the second major tier of Ontario settlement, a settlement period that is earmarked by the “difficult” task of pushing inland after the “easier” lakefronts and water accessible areas of the Province had already been settled; its an area with a history of hard working, resourceful people who did more with less to achieve success and it is that same resourcefulness and dedication that the Region’s tourism operators, owners and stakeholders have brought to the table to leverage the resources that the Ontario Government through the Ministry of Tourism Culture and Sport has made available to grow the tourism economy in Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington. Great work!!!


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