RTO4 SABBA and SAHMA join forces

Conroy Schelhaas, President of the Stratford and Area Hotel and Motel Association (SAHMA) and Murray Sanderson, President of the Stratford Area Bed a Breakfast Association (SABBA) joined a newly formed RTO Stratford Accommodations Advisory Committee (yet another acronym gets minted SAAC).

The goal of the committee is to create better alignment between these two key groups (as well as Stratford accommodators in general) with the stated objective of assisting the RTO to create projects and programs that directly influence the uptake of Stratford accommodations in a manner that benefits operators and creates a solid platform for sustained growth.

This is an important milestone in the growing integration of accommodation owner operators in the regional tourism growth strategy and I applaud and welcome the input of these two respected Presidents.

The committee has convened three times since it was formed in November and over the next months will focus on developing opportunities vis-à-vis RTO programs and initiatives for Stratford accommodation stakeholders to best leverage their strengths and address their particular needs in terms of occupancy, inventory and seasonality.

If you have not talked with Murray or Conroy in a while I encourage you to reconnect and bring your perspective to the table.

David Peacock, CEO RTO4 Inc.

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