System Performing well is just the beginning

2.1 million in sales on the Regional Reservation system is well ahead of projections (13months to date). But while this is a an exciting and inspiring number we have to remember that it is just the first step in capturing sales data for the region in order to be able to discern where and how marketing efforts are best applied and what product strengths and product gaps we have.

I would argue that these sales represent in essence sales that for the most part pre-existed in the region but are now being captured and recorded for measurement purposes. Consider for a moment that the Ministry of Tourism Culture and Sport reports the Tourism Economic Impact in this region at roughly 800 million dollars per annum. The job now is to use a baseline sales year on the system, to compare it to MTC&S and Stats Can data year-to-year and to work with our partners at the University of Guelph to perfect the regional model of tourism “buyer behaviour” and spending. The objective is a very granular base of intelligence that all tourism stakeholders can to use to refine their marketing (and even their products) to create greater uptake with the travelling consumer.

Growing tourism in this Region is the goal and having a measurement system that accurately tells us when and if this is happening and how to influence it is key.

This is a huge undertaking that is unique in the Province but it is happening right here in a region that constantly reminds people of its industrious, hard working and innovative history.

This is a great place to live and work!

David Peacock, CEO RTO4 Inc.

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