RTO4 Reservation System

… over a Quarter Million Dollars in direct sales… More than 200 stakeholders from across the region representing all sectors are now active on the Regional Reservation System!

Over the summer of 2012 the Reservation System was implemented and owner/operator sites went live; media drivers were tested through a multi-point campaign that included television, newspapers, on-line digital, outdoor and radio. Throughout the campaign, the experiential “ilike” sites were tested and the results have led to numerous modifications and improvement.

From Sept to the end of March the Regional Reservation System has posted over a Quarter Million Dollars in direct sales with all of that income going directly to stakeholders, no commissions no sales cost! And this was just the test period!

Rolling in to the April launch for our 2013/14 season the RTO’s goal and strategy remain clear and focussed.


Increase tourism revenue by 25% by March 31 2015


  • Increase overnight stays
  • Convert day trippers to overnight


  • Cut through Ontario media clutter by focussing on Regional Strengths “experiential demand generators”
  • Work directly with DMO’s and Owner/Operators to drive direct sales
  • Create a suite of tools for the consumer to use to “increase their vacation value” by choosing Waterloo, Wellington, Perth & Huron as their vacation destination

David Peacock, CEO

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